Staff Vetting

How robust is your process for vetting staff?

Vetting should also be seen as an ongoing best practice in your organization, not a one-off procedure.

80% of crime against a family is committed by a member of staff.

Staff vetting is something you should not ignore.

Staff vetting helps ensure that your staff – from personal assistants to nannies, housekeepers and chauffeurs – have no ‘baggage’ or record of dishonesty.

Vetting can also help to reduce your exposure to errors and misunderstandings, plus in today’s employment environment remember that the employee is now responsible for conducting checks on an individual’s right to work in the UK.

Staff vetting should never be underestimated – recent estimates state that almost 80% of candidates provide potential employers with levels of false information.

Gold Command is proactive in both national and international pre-employment screening and our methods are investigative rather than simply letter-based reply services.

Our experienced investigators and intelligence staff maintain an international level of cover so that we may, just as thoroughly, verify information on foreign applicants.

We are often asked to undertake in-depth relationship enquiries focusing on a person’s character and previous behaviour, all conducted with the utmost discretion.

Our experienced team can be proactive in the vetting of your current and prospective staff. You may not be aware that organized crime groups target certain organizations to obtain insider information for criminal purposes and industrial espionage.

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