Insurance Ambassadors

We are Insurance Ambassadors (risk)

Specialist Service for Insurers and Brokers

We are Insurance Ambassadors. We attend aggravated burglaries on behalf of insurers.

The effects of burglary and aggravated burglary can be devastating for the insured and the family.

Insurance companies engage us as Insurance Ambassadors to ensure that the client is well cared for. The claim can be dealt with effectively and the customer is given peace of mind.

Our in-depth surveys bring added value to your business and will reduce the chances of further crime. The survey will reduce the number of claims. We examine the reasons why your insured was targetted in the first place and will research similar crime in the area with a view to designing crime out. If requested we will liaise with the police.

The survey is welcomed by clients and insurance companies alike.

Clients feel reassured by our actions.

In the case of the majority of High Net Worth clients etc, our role is to investigate (in the case of a substantial claim) from the perspective of recovery of items, ascertaining where possible the guilt of the perpetrators and passing the evidence to the authorities and ensuring their client is better protected from future victimisation.

  • Insurance Investigations
  • Major Loss Investigations
  • Local Authority and Corporate Investigation and Assistance
  • Security Solutions, Reviews and Project Management

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