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We are Gold Command

Specialists in the protection and security of High Net Worth individuals,
families, homes, businesses and possessions.


One of our top priorities – from dealing with your personal details to understanding your reasons and needs for contacting us, along with welcoming your recommendations / referrals.


Fully vetted staff when taking your enquiry and in subsequently dealing with it. We can be sure that no leakage of information exists.

Track Record

We exhibit a formidable track record with clients ranging from blue-chip corporations, financial services institutions. high profile athletes, and professional sports teams.

What We Do

Welcome to Gold Command – The investigations and corporate arm of our operations, and management company to Wealth and Safety (specialists in the protection and security of HNW individuals, families, homes, businesses and possessions),

As the name would imply; wherever and whenever clients may find themselves the subject of an incident, the Gold Command team will assume overall strategic command for the response to that incident. Gold Command will maintain control of resources at the incident and formulate not only the strategy for dealing with the incident but will, when requested, liaise with the client, Police, other security providers and the insurers (where appropriate).

Confidentiality and integrity always a first with Gold Command

Our Key Services

Insurance Ambassadors-Small
Insurance Ambassadors
Specialist Investigative Servs-Small
Investigation Services
Spy Satellite Digital Bird Eye View - Search For Suspicious Car in Afternoon Commute. Digital Spy Targeting Theme. Surveillance Systems.
Vehicle Tracking Systems
Staff Vetting Small
Staff Vetting

The Gold Command team, under our Managing Director, Peter French, (a retired Police Deputy Divisional Commander and Detective Chief Inspector), will not only take control when requested, and act as senior liaison between the client and the Police, but may also be called upon to conduct incident investigations as ambassadors to the insurance companies who may be facing a claim.

We have particular experience and are often called upon, where an insurance company’s client have been the victims of aggravated burglary.

On previous investigations, to reduce inconvenience, we have arranged, wherever possible at the client’s request, to undertake the investigation and pass our statements and information onto the police.

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Let us take the risk out of your situation. 

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