Specialist Investigation Services

The Gold Command team has considerable expertise in a number of specialist investigation areas.

As an example: the Gold Command team has extensive experience of working with major insurance companies, investigating claims of loss, whilst recognising the balance of the client and the insurance company.

In many cases we are asked to act in an ambassadorial role for the insurance company, protecting the interests of the clients and also, on occasions, protecting their interests from potential fraudulent claims. However, it is fair to say that in the case of the majority of High Net Worth clients/celebrities etc, our role is to investigate (in the case of a substantial claim) from the perspective of the recovery of items, ascertaining where possible the guilt of the perpetrators, passing the evidence to the authorities, and ensuring their client is better protected from future victimisation.

  • Insurance Investigations
  • Major Loss Investigations
  • Local Authority and Corporate Investigation and Assistance
  • Security Solutions, Reviews and Project Management

Specialist Service for Insurers and Brokers

We are Insurance Ambassadors. We attend aggravated burglaries on behalf of insurers.

Aggravated Burglary

Recently, Insurers have been warned that they must respond to a rise in aggravated burglary.

The offence of aggravated burglary is a serious charge and is triable upon indictment in the Crown Court.

With up to 60% of burglaries taking place when the victim is at home, clearly the potential for confrontation is significant.  Actual violence is now used during approximately 10% of intrusions. Some 25% of the properties had, in fact, been burgled before. Most of these had not upgraded any of their personal security even after a previous burglary.    

Social media can play a big part in the rise of HNW burglaries as there is an increasing trend to live more of our time online. The wrong person seeing your image of your new car, combined with geographical clues from the geo-tagging app function and they simply calculate where you are.       

Using highly experienced former Police Detectives and Intelligence Analysts, we will interview witnesses and suspects and conduct other inquiries in order to investigate thefts and other incidents that affect our clients.

We will liaise with the police and insurance companies if requested by the client.

Theft carried out by the victim’s employee

On previous investigations, to reduce inconvenience, we have arranged wherever possible at the client’s request, to undertake the investigation and pass our statements and information to the police.

Please note, this will only be done with the client’s permission, and in some cases we supply evidence that allows the client to dismiss offending parties. You can also check the Staff Vetting service offered by us.

Representing the individual with serious claims

As specialists we are often asked by the client to conduct an investigation because it may be felt that, upon occasion, some insurance claim investigations are established simply to attempt to discredit and subsequently decline the claim. Should this be the position, then clearly it is most important that the claimant seek experienced and reliable investigators who can challenge these decisions. 

Our experienced team will not only investigate and report, we will liaise on your behalf with the insurance company and authorities (where required), and ensure that you receive your entitlements within the policy terms and conditions.

We may assist in:  

1. Supporting the claim by the provision of documentary evidence.

2. Completing a scene examination, which in the case of a fire claim may involve an Origin and Cause investigation including, where appropriate, utilising the skills of our own forensic specialists. 

3. Interviewing witnesses and making enquiries with the various authorities. 

4. Surveillance and general enquiries where necessary. 

5. Collection and correlation of evidence, including, when so instructed, to travel overseas in this pursuit.   

6. Interpretation of Policy Terms and Conditions. 

7. Report preparation and liaising with legal representatives when required. 

8. We make recommendations in order to prevent further loss.

Local Authority investigations

The investigations team is, upon occasion, utilised to offer surveillance solutions and investigative support for Local Authority services.  

Using our professional and experienced investigators who have in-depth experience of local authority and social care services, we undertake a review of the circumstances in question, interview where necessary and take statements from witnesses. We thus provide comprehensive reports which allow senior managers to make decisions in relation to the complaint and improve workplace practices.

Corporate Investigations

The Gold Command team is able to offer specialised investigation services to the commercial and corporate sector, in order to support them in the ever increasing challenges facing business today.

Even minor issues may develop into major and serious problems if undealt with and may, eventually, lead to serious impacts upon margins, company profitability and the credibility of the senior management team.

The Gold Command team can assist and advise in the prevention of some of these difficulties via pro-active solutions, as well as helping to deal with, and prevent, current difficulties. 

Typical warning signs might include:

  • Individuals with large debts who may be looking for personal gain
  • Transactions that take place at unusual times, with odd amounts of money going to conspicuous recipients
  • Missing documents with only photocopies available
  • Alterations and back dating on documents
  • Employees who control a process from start to finish with nobody else involved
  • Discrepancies in accounting records

Gold Command has extensive experience in covert operations and the collation of evidence in order to assist with both external and internal proceedings. You can be confident that Insight Investigations will look at all tiers within an organisation if fraudulent activity is taking place.

The variety of problems affecting a business can range from

  • Employee Unauthorised Absence
  • Theft
  • Company Fraud
  • Industrial Espionage
  • Other matters both related and non-related to any of the above

Other commercial and corporate investigation types include: 

  • Due Diligence Investigations
  • Competitor Profiling Investigations
  • Employee Absenteeism and Misconduct
  • GPS Tracking
  • Investigations of past staff members who may be causing concern

Any organisation, large or small, can be vulnerable to internal threats and require assistance with how to counteract them. Of course prevention is often better than cure, so you might need to ask yourself questions like: Have you carried out a fraud risk assessment?

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