Vehicle Tracking Systems to Track Your Vehicles and Secure Them

We offer market-leading, Thatcham and insurance-approved trackers, with the latest GPS and GSM technology and Multiple Active Sensors.

These will trigger an alert at the control centre, who will liaise with you and the Police for vehicle recovery.

Round the clock protection and Track your Vehicle

Round the clock protection 

  • By using our vehicle tracking systems you will have 24-hour monitoringGPS tracking, and full European coverage.
  • We are the only UK vehicle tracking company run by highly experienced former police officers.
  • Our insurance-approved trackers carry up to a 3 year parts warranty.
  • Our leading recommendation is the Thatcham Category 5 accredited Meta Track S5.
  • Vehicles may be tracked on a mobile, laptop or PC and our specialist vehicle tracker technicians can fit it at your home / office or reasonable location of your choice.
  • Tracking unit supplied with 2 driver recognition cards but can accept up to 10.
  • Tow-away alerts and movement without keys in ignition.
  • You maintain privacy as our recommended trackers do not store your location or speed history and you can also track your own vehicles
  • Fitted to leading automotive brands such as Aston Martin, Bentley, Mercedes, Range Rover, Lamborghini, Toyota, Subaru and many others including leading truck manufacturers.
  • We can also install trackers on hybrid and electric vehicles plus agricultural vehicles and machinery and jet skis 

To learn more or to receive our literature on recommended vehicle tracking systems call us on 0800 5200 999 / 07838 200 742 or simply click here.