Case Studies

Gold Command were asked by insurers to investigate the loss of £90,000 worth of jewellery from one of their High Net Worth clients.

After using specialist interview techniques with the client and cross-checking photographs, it was determined the loss occurred over a weekend at their country house.  All staff were interviewed and searches of the grounds commenced.  The cesspit was drained and empty ring boxes were found in the cesspit.

Enquiries led to staff in one of the Balearic Islands.  Two members of “vetted” staff left before Gold Command's arrival on the pretext that a family member was dying!

Gold Command carried out interviews with existing staff and with local business. It was discovered that the two housekeepers (purportedly husband and wife but false) were running an international organised crime operation importing cocaine from South America.  Firearms were seen at the house and the family car was used to distribute the cocaine around the islands and then into London.  The family house in the Balearics was used to stash up to 50 Kilos of cocaine at any time.  The £90K worth of jewellery was used to pay for another consignment. 

The client and his wife and very young family arrived the same day as this information was discovered.  Gold Command arranged immediately for a replacement car (different colour) to be supplied to the client. We arranged with the client's PA for a significant witness to be flown out of the country but only after we took a statement under caution from this person.

We undertook a security review of the client’s three properties.

The security guards who had not been vetted by others were dismissed.  Gold Command undertook due diligence on three security companies and attended training sessions and selected one company to look after the client.s Balearic premises.  The alarm codes were changed and on that night two persons attempted to break into the villa.  From photographs, these were believed to be the security guards unaware that the codes had been changed and undertaking the “crime” to prove that security guards were required.

The protocols were changed on the cameras and we ascertained that the person who had installed them had been arrested by the local police for voyeurism at another location.

Enquiries back in London by Gold Command revealed that the staffing agency that placed the the couple had not vetted the individuals despite saying that they had and charging the High Net Worth client for that “service”.

Gold Command with the agreement of the clients forwarded all statements and intelligence to the Police.

The client is a well-known individual within the financial sector with an unblemished character. With firearms being used to move the drugs from the client’s home Gold Command through sheer diligence protected that reputation and ensured the safety of the entire family by taking swift and necessary action.  The client and his wife requested that Gold Command come and work with him full time.  We declined but we were offered a consultancy role which we accepted. 

The client has said that one day he will write a book on the experience!

Gold Command were alerted to several burglaries at the homes of High Net Worth individuals who were senior in the Finance Sector in London.  The burglaries involved entry into the client’s homes when the client’s families were at home in the Essex, London and Surrey areas.

Attending each one on behalf of insurers, Gold Command offered reassuring and practical advice to the insurers valued clients.  Gold Command identified that there was a pattern emerging. The modus operandi was identical despite the significant distances in between the crimes.

Gold Command reported this to the various police forces involved and put the relevant detectives in touch with one other.  This was subsequently followed by a covert operation.  Sixteen persons were convicted of burglary and another eight persons were deported. 

The investigation and arrests led to a reduction in burglary in the Home Counties.

Mrs S and her disabled son were attacked in their country home.  Mrs S was seriously assaulted and suffered a broken arm, broken hip and fingers when the hooded gang pushed her and ripped rings from her fingers and a chain from around her neck.  The insurers under their Aggravated Burglary Policy offered a substantial sum to carry out security improvements.  A local security company attended and quoted for such works.

On behalf of insurers Gold Command attended and met with the insured, and carried out a security review.  Gold Command examined the quotation from the security company and discovered that the price quoted was exceptionally high and that the systems to be installed were not fit for purpose and did not adequately protect their client going forward.  The Security Company was aware that the client was to be paid many thousands of pounds and used this as an exercise to install old outdated systems that were not fit for purpose.  

Following our involvement we advised upon extra lighting, better locks, and updates to the existing Intruder alarm, including mobile panic alarms for reassurance plus quality CCTV.

We also advised on adding an extra panel for security protection as well as cutting an overgrown hedgerow to give natural surveillance of the property.

Our actions reassured the client they provided far superior security precaution and ensured that the insurer’s interests, as well as the clients, were looked after. 

Gold Command were praised by the victim’s family for their thought out approach.

Gold Command were tasked by a government agency to travel overseas and undertake a TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) of property.

Our experienced military experts spent two days searching the premises which were held for high powered discussions.

The report and its findings were sent to the agency concerned.

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